The History of Frames

Frames and pictures have been together for longer than most people might think. They might be common sights now for diploma frames texas, but they began with the ancient Egyptians. Whatever was going to be painted was placed on the wood canvas with some space left around the perimeter. Then the details and decoration were carved into the wooden space, creating a frame and picture all in one piece of wood.

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Framing was later seen as a way to create windows to the soul, and it began to be used in churches and other buildings. Those frames were seen as ways to not only protect the art but also as a way to separate the art from the background and allow the viewer to see the painting as its own creation. If the painting doesn’t have a frame, then you don’t get that same experience.

Frames grew in beauty as the Renaissance ticked along in Italy, and framed pictures soon became something that the nobility took an interest in. With the age of kings and land-based power coming to an end, having the most beautiful frame was a large sign that signaled the status of the owner.

Different frames and decorations soon appeared in the different kingdoms, and frame makers began to take more time to hone their craft. Soon, skilled frame makers emerged, those people who understood the different properties of frames and the wood that made them.

Since certain types of wood were more expensive, various kings and nobles began to have their portraits framed in that wood. They also had more expensive and intricate decoration put on the frames to further create this. Frames soon became an art form, with its own pioneers and motifs that forever changed artwork.

That still goes on today, and that’s why you never see a picture without a frame.

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